Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jai Sri Krishna Detroit!

Well my earlier prediction that US government will save GM from chapter 11 blushes was proved wrong. However Chapter 11 might have opened the doors for the Indian Underdogs.

The world has changed a lot after the early years of the 21st Century and so is going to change the Landscape of Detroit. It was not very long ago that we in India were struggling to make an indigenous car of our own. The same guys in a decade or so have Jaguar in their basket. Our man of steel would prefer it to be re-branded as Inguar probably. All the truck and tractor companies of our erstwhile licensed economy are now making inroads into US with new flashy models.

Morning I got to see the headlines of CNN and I knew ‘Indians are coming’ is a past tense now and they are in the flight to Detroit. We have created the tractors and the trucks which are definitely not in the best leagues ever but affordability is the new mantra of the changing world. We are capable of getting Nano in every field. Well some might say China is the best but somehow we are more aggressive and confident of taking over the world.

FED sees some greenshoots on the economy and may be it is the revolution unleashed by India to grow the green further in their turf. We are definitely affected by the baby christ effect on the monsoon but its candid that its Jai Srikrishna time for the Detroit.

The Indian invasion of Silicon Valley is almost saturated now;

NEXT is WHAT: Truck and the tractor makers of India unleash a new Era of auto invasion. :)